365 days of wonder challenge

365 days of wonder challenge

In the last few years I found myself and not rarely to face hitches of various kinds, real catastrophes, mishaps.

It’s normal, it’s life. That’s all right. I’ll get over it., Grit your teeth! I told myself. I even got used to the crooked picture , the constant need to straighten out, skip the obstacle, move on. But since life is not just getting by, I start trying to change my perspective. It is not easy, it makes blood rush to the head, writhing and cowering in this exercise is tiring for an ankylosed spirit. But the beauty, the wonder are there, at sight.

I have decided that these apparitions of beauty should not be thrown in bulk among all the garbage that remains in my mind at the end of the day. That’s why I thought about a challenge with myself.


I will share with you, through my Instagram and Twitter one thing that makes me happy, one a day, maybe not every day but I’ll try to.

Inspiration came from the people who struck me most recently.

The first inspiration is #PtitZelda of Camilla , a game of sharing little joys that lasts all the month of December and of which I had also spoken to you here .

The second inspiration comes from Valentina Aversano and its (our) #3FattidiOggi , sharing daily facts thanks to which I’m getting to know the beautiful part of Twitter, people who listen, participate and it’s something that makes me feel good.

If you want to participate to the challenge I have created three images that you can insert with #365daysofwonderchallenge in your stories or in the feed of Twitter or on your blogs and spread wonder and joy with photos, thoughts, simple words.

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